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Welcome to Swapes

Swapes is a new system that was just developed and launched to help you increase your twitter followers, facebook likes, google plus one, youtube views and websites visitor for FREE!

Social Media Tool for YouTube Views, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Website Traffic

Twitter® Marketing Real Followers
Facebook® Marketing Real Likes
YouTube® High Retention Views
Website Marketing Unique Visitors
Google® Marketing +1
Good for Business and Personal Use
Add Unlimited Social Pages
Free Auto Traffic Exchange
Expand your Social Network
Share your Pages with Real Users
Free, Safe and User Friendly

Only Follow, Like, Subscribe, Circle, View or Visit who and what youre interested in!
We dont sell Followers, Likes, Views, Subscribers, Circles or Hits.
* We never post from your Accounts without your permission.
* We dont ask for your account passwords.
* We have a strict NO Bot/Macro/Automation policy.

Swapes is FREE to use!

Swapes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Twitter, Facebook, Google or YouTube or any of the above services.
Social Clicks
FB Likes: 1310602 Likes
FB Web Like: 593650 Likes
FB Subscribe: 27287 Subs
FB Photo Like: 26610 Likes
Google +1's: 646377 Plused
Google Circle: 763 Circles
Youtube Views: 119363 Views
Youtube Likes: 10768 Likes
Youtube Sub: 2462 Subs
Twitter: 50677 Followers
Websites Hits: 981374 Hits
It is important to remember that is a community. We are all here for the same reason and we should help eachother.
  • Don't Aggressively Unfollow/Unlike
  • Don't Spam Profiles/Pages
  • Don't Create Multiple Accounts
  • Don't Use Bots/Macros/Scripts
  • Don't Buy or Sell Accounts
  • Anyone found to be breaking any of this will be removed from this site permanently.
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